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Math Resources

Math Dictionaries and Glossaries

Interactive Math Dictionary for Kids

MathWords:  An interactive Math dictionary

Math Glossary

McGraw-Hill Math Glossary

Interactive Mathematics Dictionary

CoolMath:  Online Math Dictionary

Illustrated Math Dictionary

Math Lessons and Games

 Space Rocks:  Find the pair of Factors

Algebra: Equations and Inequalities

Algebra: Pattern Relationships and Functions

Sleezeball Stampede: Multiples of a Number

Algebra: Pictoral Symbols and Patterns

Geometry:  Locations on a Grid

Geometry:  Ordered Pairs on Coodinate Grid 

2D Shapes

Geometry:  Explore conditions that result in Congruent Triangles 

Turtle Pond:  Estimating Distance and Angle

Geometry:  Exploring Angle Sums


MathForum:  3D Math Sketch Up

Algebra Crunchers Game, by Cool Math

Cool Math:   Algebra Help Lessons

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence:  Algebra

NumberNut:  Basic math concepts

Wolfram Demonstation Project:  Math

MathWay:  Step by step problem solver

Algebra Lessons

Math eBook

Math Moves U:  Math games

Math Games:  Very basic math skills (addition, subtraction, etc.)

Decimal Squares:  Interactive Games

Super Maths World:  Interactive games for Algebra

Math Games with Powerpoint:  Algebra and Geometry

Manga High Math Games

Calculation Nation:  Math games

Tutup:  Compete in Math and Algebra games around the world

Scholastic Math Hunt Game

Visual Math Learning (Games and other resources)

Villany Mission One (Learn Algebra and Geometry through a story game)

Villany Mission Two

Interactive Math Activities from Alberta, Canada, for Algebra

Math Snack:  Games and short animation films

Sliding Math Puzzle Game

Math Warehouse

Free Online Math Help

Free Online Equation Editor

Shodor Interactive Math activities and games

Algebra Tutorials and Lessons

Ed Helper:  Algebra 1 and 2

Math Videos and Podcasts

Kahn Academy

Math Factor Podcast

Brightstorm:  Over 2,000 Math Tutorial Videos

Math TV:  Videos on Math

Tutor USA:  Math video lessons

Math a Tube:  Dedicated to helping parents and their students

WatchKnowLearn:  Videos

Math Resources to help ELL (and ALL learners)


Visual Math Learning–PreAlgebra

That’s A Fact:  Practice Math facts

Brain Pop:  Algebra

Math Fast Forward:  Glossary

Math Live:  A game of math skills

Math 6 Spy Guys:  Math concepts

Math Continuum:  Algebra equation practice

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives (also in Spanish)

Miscellaneous Math Resources

National Council for the Teachers of Mathematics

Mathematics in the Movies

AttTop Math:  Math topics, news and articles

What’s special about this number?

Free graph paper

The Futures Channel:  Real world math and science lessons

Culturally Situated Math Tools (Cultural designs based on math)

Making Mathematicians

Celebrate Pi day-3.14

UC Open Assess:  Math resources for Algebra and AP Calculus

Math Links (a list of resources from an award winning blog)

Virtual Math Learning and Assessments

Dynamic Paper

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