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Tech Thursday

Here’s a list of the websites I send out on Tech Thursdays.  Enjoy!

January 24, 2019:  Various


Copyright and fair use for educators

Credit is always due

Library of Congress National Screening Room

January 17, 2019:  Google


20 Practical ways to use Google Forms in the classroom

Self checking assessments in Google Sheets with conditional formatting

9 Google Extensions you probably didn’t know about

December 20, 2018: Various


7 great exit tickets for teachers

PBS Learning Media

The Noun Project

December 13, 2018:  Various


25 incredibly useful things that Google Docs can do

Secret menu for Google docs, slides, drawings and more

Clever PDF

December 6, 2018:  Various


Don’t leave mobile-only families behind

Schools are missing what matter’s about learning

Pittsburg shooting reminds us why we need to talk about hate

Khan Academy Civics videos


November 29, 2018:  Free resources

Get flyer in library with websites and passwords

November 15, 2018: Open Library

Open Library

November 8, 2018: Google

50 Awesome Apps that Integrate with Google Classroom

60 Smarter Ways to Use Google Classroom

November 1, 2018:  Google

3 Great Grading Add-ons for Google

How to assess student writing using Google

Google Docs:  Grading Tips and Tricks

10 ways to save on grading with Google

GradeBook for Google Sheets and Classroom

October 25, 2018: Various



Science Journal with Google


October 18, 2018: Digital Citizenship week


Digital Citizenship Week

5 Doable Goals for Digital Citizenship Week

Resources and lesson plans for digital citizenship week

October 11, 2018:  Various


8 Google Sheets Add-ons Teachers Should Know About

Bring World-Class Podcasts to the Classroom

Teaching Students to Avoid Plagiarism

Free Posters for Math and Learning

Getting Inside Student’s Minds:  Why misconceptions are so powerful

September 20, 2018: Various


Book Creator


September 13, 2018:  Various


National Day of Writing

NYT 650 writing prompts

NYT Writing Personal Essays

20 Ways to Provide Effective Feedback for Learning

7 Ways to Access without Testing

32 Videos on how to start Google Classroom

How to cultivate student agency in ELL

Helping Asian American students be “seen”


September 6, 2018: Various


Magic Ladder


10 ways to make Google Classroom assignments better

10 awesome and surprising ways to use Google docs in  your classroom

9 updates to Google Classroom that you may not know about, and three more to come

9 Apps to up your teaching game

August 30, 2018:  Free apps  and discounts from district

August 23, 2018:  Various


5 Google Forms for Teachers

3 Ways to use Google Classroom for visually impaired students

6 PD Reads you don’t want to miss

Create interactive agendas with Google Slides

August 16, 2018:  Getting to know you tools


Be Funky

Classroom Architect


August 9, 2018:  Various


TED Talks in Spanish

Common Sense Media Documentary High School Movies

Google Tour Builder

May 17, 2018:  ELD/ELA


No Red Ink

Writing Challenge App

Story Builder

May 10, 2018:  Science


The Chemical Touch

Anatomy 4D

iCell App

May 3, 2018:  Social Science


World Atlas



April 26, 2018:  Math apps


Free CAS calculator for students

Math Reference app

SAT Math Trainer

April 19, 2018:  Various


Edtech survey


10 Digital Bell-Ringer Activities to kickoff class

The Big List of Class Discussion Strategies

Psychologist says that goofing off and spacing out are good for you

Google Drive videos shared privately

Strategies to make sure introverted students feel valued at school

Podcast on Fostering the Power of Introverts

April 12, 2018:  All About Librarians!


Why librarians matter:  What years of research shows

In 2018:  Libraries to the rescue

The strange magic of libraries

Library of Congress blog on libraries

History of Public Libraries in the U.S.

April 5, 2018:  Various


20 ways to engage students using PearDeck


24 points in making a good screencast

March 15, 2018:  Google


New Dashboards for G Suite

Google Slide Add-ons

Google Classroom Quick Starts with Tips and Tricks

March 8, 2018: Twitter


An Introduction to Twitter Educational Chats

40 Educational Twitter Chats Worth Your Time

13 Twitter Chats Every Educator Should Check Out

10 Twitter Chats for Educators

Popular Twitter Chats for Every Day of the Week

How to start your own Twitter Chat

March 1, 2018:  Various


Science Net

5 Stories of Plagiarism

Google Keep

9 Basic Keys on using Google Keep

Best Chrome extensions of ADHD brains

February 22, 2018: ReClipped

Website:  Reclipped

February 15, 2018:  American Library Association


Youth Media Awards

Link to 2018 winners

February 8, 2018: Pear Deck tools


Use timer and freeze screen

Check classroom climate

Embed other sites into Pear Deck

Embed a website within Pear Deck presentation

Grade Pear Deck with Flubaroo

More possibilities with Pear Deck

February 1, 2018:  Google


Google Extensions vs Apps vs Add-ons

How to use Google Extensions, Apps and Add-ons in your classroom

10 Awesome Ways to use Google Docs in your classroom

January 25, 2018:  Podcasts


Podcasts are increasingly popular article

Listen Notes

Education Pod Network

Discovery Education Virtual Field Trips

January 18, 2018:  Various




December 14, 2017:  Best reads of 2017


  1. The Library Journals best of 2017
  2. NPR’s Book Concierge of the best reads for 2017
  3. Publisher’s Weekly best of 2017
  4. New York Times best reads of 2017

December 7, 2017:  Various

Website:  Remind

Google Keep

Google Arts and Culture

November 30, 2017:  Various

Websites:  Assigning more Writing without more Grading by Edutopia

What your students really need to know about digital citizenship by Edutopia

Common Craft VideosDigital Lifestyle

ISL Collective

November 16, 2017:  Digital Citizenship

Websites:  TED Talks on National Bullying Prevention Month

Teacher Channel on Cyberbullying

Common Sense Media Resources on Digital Citizenship

Internet Society on Digital Citizenship and Digital Footprint

November 9, 2017:  Various

Websites:  10 motivational posters

Reading classics for better social skills

50 alternatives to book reports

November 2, 2017:  Various


October 26, 2017:  Various

Websites:  Math tools for Chrome

Ten Virtual Tools for Math


October 19, 2017:  Various

Websites: Pear Deck

What to do on lame duck school days


What colleges to with student’s social media

October 12, 2017:  Various


October 5, 2017: Various


September 14, 2017:  Video Making Apps

Websites:  Explain Everything



My Simple Show

September 7, 2017:  Various


August 31, 2017:  Various

Websites:  Adobe Spark

Amazon Inspire

Microsoft Teams


August 24, 2017:  Various

Websites:  FlipGrid

Capti Voice


August 17, 2017:  Various

Websites:  How Parents Can Help Introverted Children Thrive


August 10, 2017: Various

Websites:  Effective Communication Skills

Addressing Digital Confrontation

6 Chrome Issues with Kids with Math Issues

8 Apps for Teens and Tweens with Learning and Attention Issues

May 18, 2017:  Various

Websites:  Discounts for teachers

                   What our brains do when we read poetry

                   Top 10 sites to help students check their facts

                  Rules for social media, created by kids

                  Shake Up Learning

                  Google Keep Sheet Cheat

                  15 ways for students to use Google Keep

                  How to personalize Google Keep

                  Google Keep Resources

May 4, 2017:  Various

ains to when we read poetry

Websites:  How Long to Read This

                    How to Remove Obstacles to Learning Math

                    Strategies to Help Students Go Deep with Digital Reading

                    12 Tools that Made The Biggest Difference in My Teaching

April 27, 2017:  Various

Websites:  Kids Prefer Books to Screens

                   Kids Who Grow Up with Books Earn More Money as Adults

                  Kids Less Likely to Read e-books

                  Research on link above

                  10 Reasons Librarians Are More Important Than Ever

                  Putting Google Docs on Canvas Slideshow

April 20, 2017:  History sites

Websites:  Big History Project

                   Facing History and Ourselves

April 13, 2017:  Content Creation

Websites:  Spark Page


April 6, 2017:  Various

Websites:  “Are We Innovating or Just Digitizing Traditional Education?”

                    Google Templates

                   10 Resources for Women’s History Month

                   17 Strategies to help Students with ADHD

                  Free Coloring Books from World Class Libraries and Museums

March 16, 2017:  Various

Websites:    How to Practice Effectively

                     Brains in Pain Can Not Learn

                     Suspensions Plummet with Incentives for Good Behavior

                     Met Images and Data Resources

                    Websites and Apps for Reading Social Studies

March 9, 2017:  Google

Websites:  Google slides updates

                    Google templates

March 2, 2017:  Google Classroom


February 23, 2017:  Various

Websites:  Post It Plus


February 16, 2017:  University Videos and Shakespeare

Websites:  My Shakespeare

                   University Videos

February 9, 2017:  Various

Websites:  How Much Should Teachers Know?

                   Google Classroom:  Pull Paragraphs for Feedback

                   Stanford Study on 10 minute Intervention to get Students into College

                   Article:  What Poverty Does to the Brain

February 2, 2017:  Flipgrid

January 26, 2017:  Various

Websites:  Map of Life

                   Spies of Mississippi 

January 19, 2017:  Various

Websites:  Self check the news on NPR

                    Google keyboard shortcuts

                    White House and Augmented Reality

January 12, 2017:  Google

Websites:  Citation Feature on Google

                    100 Ways to Use Google in the Classroom

                    5 Awesome Chrome Features for Teachers

December 8, 2016:  Fake News

Websites:  Wall Street Article on Students Not Knowing Fake News

                    Evaluating Websites as Information Sources

                    5 Minute Film Festival on News Literacy

                    NYT Article on “If a Story is Viral, the Truth May Take a Beating”

                    Anti Hilary Clinton Fake News Article

                    NPR Article on Tracking Down Fake News

December 1, 2016:  Various

Websites:  NYT article on helping struggling students

                    Atlantic article on Is attending a top performing high school irrelevant?

                    Video on creating split screens on computers

                   Article on how writing makes us smarter

                   Five priorities in classroom management

                   Readability Grader for blogs and other things

                   How to talk about politics constructively

                   Article on five ways teachers can use devices to encourage deeper learning

                   Five teaching practices I’m kicking to the curb

                   Step by step instructions on creating a Google classroom

November 17, 2016:  Thanksgiving and Geography

Websites:  History Channel Thanksgiving

                    National Geographic Celebrate Geography Week

November 10, 2016:  Digital Public Library of America


November 3, 2016:  Safari Montage vs. Discovery Education


Top righthand corner, click on “passcode/create new user” and fill in the form with the passcode below.  

Passcode: A592-5EF5

October 27, 2016:  Google

Websites:  Crafty Text

                    Group Creator for Google Sheets

                    Google Suite need to know document

                    Keyword–Google Blog

                    5 sites with high quality information

                    Back to school with Google EDU

October 6, 2016:  Britannica Online


Britannica School               

Image Quest:                       


Username: sweetwater

Password: suhsd

School Code FVK6 (teachers only & for Britannica School only)

September 15, 2016:  Recite

Website:  Recite

September 8, 2016:  Proquest

Website:  Proquest

Username:  cparkhs

Password:  chulavista

September 1, 2016:  Various

Websites:  Teacher’s Network

                    Ed Helper

                    Smithsonian Educational

                    Discovery Educational

August 25, 2016:  Various

Websites:  Office Sway


                    Actively Learn

August 18, 2016:  Various

Websites:  Vibby

                   Jeopardy Rocks

                  Google Cultural Institute

                  Zoom In

August 11, 2016:  Various

Websites:  How to Screencast Your iPad


                    Why kids shouldn’t use laptops at school

                    Teaches Yoda does

                   The mask you live in

May 26, 2016 and August 4, 2016:  Ted Talk

Websites:  Why the Constitution is hard to amend

                    Government Declassified playlist

                    Lessons worth sharing

                    Everyone has a story

                    How things work

                    Brilliant Ted Talks by teens

                    Everything you thought was wrong

                    7 talks to make you love science

                    Stand up to bullying

                    Be a man Ted Talk

May 19, 2016:  Various

Websites:  Digital native fallacy:  Teachers know better than students on technology

                    Read like a Historian

                   Analyzing Primary Sources

                   Beyond the Bubble

May 12, 2016:  Various

Websites:  Teaching Tolerance

                    Perspectives for a Diverse America

                   Teachers Know More Than Students on Technology

                    Step by Step Guide to Create Google Slide Presentation

                   6 Video Tutorials for Google Slides

                   10 Tips to Design Effective Presentations

May 5, 2016:  Cinco de Mayo

Websites:  History Channel

                    Kiddy House

                    About Education

April 28, 2016: Library Information

Websites: StoryCorps on Libraries

                   Libraries Improve Literacy

                  Libraries and Librarians: Essential to Thriving Schools

                  NPR: Tour of America’s Public Libraries

                  Slideshow of Amazing Libraries Around the World

                  Getting ELL Students College-Ready is a Challenge for Librarians

                 School Librarians and ELL Students

                 Why America’s Schools Have a Money Problem

April 21, 2016:  Various

Websites:  US Newsmap

                    Google News Archive

                    Soundcloud: 30 Days of Shakespeare


                   Design you own digital choice board

                   5 thinks you may not know about Google Classroom

                   3 Google tools you may not know you can use offline

                   7 cool hacks for Google Classroom

                   3 resources for Historical Maps

                  5 online activities to teach primary sources

                  Sarcasm in the Classroom

                 Do’s and don’ts for creating a culture of Ed Tech

April 14, 2016:  Free movies

Websites: Crackle



                  Daily Motion

April 7, 2016:  Various

Websites:  Thoughtful Students Writing Models

                    Reading Strategies for the Social Science Classroom

                   100 Most Popular Student Questions for Debate and Persuasive Writing


March 17, 2016:  St. Patrick’s Day

Websites:  Bet you didn’t know about St. Patrick . . . 

                    History Channel on St. Patrick

March 10, 2016:  Various

Websites:  Article on “Do’s and Don’ts of Creating a School Culture for Ed Tech”.

                    Blog on How to Use You Tube in the Classroom

March 3, 2016:  Various

Websites:  Online Stopwatch

                   Online Egg Timer

           Through Your Child’s Eyes

                   Virtual Nerd Math

                   Edutopia blog:  How to reach quiet, disengaged, struggling and troublemaking students


February 25, 2016:  You Tube video and Web 2.0 tools

Websites:  CYMR Video



February 18, 2016:  eBackpack, Remind101 and Zite apps

All found on Google Store, iTunes or Amazon

February 11, 2016:  Various

Websites:  197 Digital Channels for Teaching

                    Apps that can turn your iPad into a Whiteboard

February 4, 2016:  Various websites

Websites:  Picture America


                    Only 2 Clicks

January 28, 2016:  Various resources

Websites:  Edshelf

                    Google and Flippity to call on students

                    Student engagement podcast

                   Mindshift article on student engagement

                   Honolulu Teaching Tips

                  16 things that teachers should try in 2016

January 21, 2016:  Britannica Digital Learning


                 Username: boljan2

                 Password: jupiter567

January 14, 2016:  Various

Websites:  Google Drive Templates



                    Article comparing Kahoot and Quizizz



                   Pear Deck


December 17, 2015: EBSCO


Username:  s8336190

Password:  password

December 10, 2015: Various sites

Websites:  Popboardz

                   American Archive of Public Broadcasting

                  Five Tips for Teaching Technology

                 Edutopia’s Most Popular Posts 2015

                 Five Trends That Are Transforming Education

                 Can A Children’s Book Change the World?  Ted Talk

December 3, 2015: World Book Online


Username:  sweet

Password:  water

November 19, 2015: Various websites and articles

                   Boosting Math by Stanford University

                   Youcubed at Stanford University

                   Video of Stephen Colbert and Dr. Eugenia Cheung on Exponentials

                  How We Learn Video

                  How Tweens and Teens Use Media Study

                  Edweek Article on 1 to 1 devices

                  8 Ways to Enhance Teen Learner Motivation in the Language Class

                  Students Learn Poorly When Using Most Computer Programs

November 12, 2015:  Various websites


                   Literacy in the Digital Age article

                  50 Best Podcasts for High School

                  The True Size Of 

November 5, 2015:  Various websites

                    Google Classroom

                    Share to Classroom

                   Tech Crunch 

                   You Can Book Me

                   Four ideas to bring book reports back to life with technology

                  Power of I don’t know

October 29, 2015:  Various websites

                    PBS Channel on YouTube

                   Guide to Common Fallacies

                   10 Great Features for Teachers on iOs9

                   Cult of Pedagogy

                   Fantasy Geopolitics


                   10 Tools to Help Your Students Become Better Writers

                   Google Freightgeist

October 22, 2015:  Various websites

Websites:  Google Classroom, Page 1, Page 2, and Page 3

                    Cult of Pedagogy

                    Why Google Drive should be used with students

                    We the Economy


                    Citation for Beginners


October 15, 2015: Various online websites

Websites:  Elements 4D

                    Anatomy 4D

                    Understanding Shakespeare

October 8, 2015: Online Databases

Websites:  World book:

 username:  americassl

password:  gravity



Username:  suhsd

Password:  ebsco


Username:  CPARKHS

Password:  chulavista

September 17, 2015: Various

Website:  10 Benefits of Reading

                  Benefits of Reading in Bed

                 Making a Mistake can be Beneficial

                How Brain Reacts to Mistakes

                News Jack

               Fake iPhone Texts




September 10, 2015:  AP and British News

Websites:  AP News on You Tube

                    British Pathe Channel

                    British Movietone

                    How to subscribe to You Tube on iPads

                    How to subscribe to You Tube on Desktop Computer

September 3, 2015:  Newsela


August 27, 2015:  Better Lesson


August 20, 2015:  Stanford History Education Group


August 13, 2015:  Various


To Login to the Free Trial:
Go to:
User Id: suhsd
Password: ebsco


Database Tutorials:

May 21. 2015:  Oral Websites and Apps

Websites:  Voki

                    Live Mocha

                  Voice Thread

                  Screencast O Matic



May 14, 2015:  Curriculet and Zaption

Websites:  Curriculet


May 7, 2015:  Create a class on Shmoop


April 30, 2015:  Current Events

Websites:  Library of Congress

                    Places in the News

                    Learning Network-New York Times

                   Smithsonian TweenTribute

April 23, 2015:  Research

Websites:  Easybib

                    Evaluating websites

                   Citing sources

                   Copyright rules

                   To Wikipedia, or Not

                   Videos on how to do research

                  Where to find primary sources



                    Copyright on Common Craft

April 16, 2015:  Library Month

Websites:  Libraries in the digital age (you tube)

                    Common Craft-Videos

                    27 things your teacher librarian does

                    Libraries and Librarians

                   21st Century Libraries-The Learning Commons

                   Librarian’s Lead the Way in EdTech

                   Ode to Librarians

April 9, 2015:  Math apps


  1. Math Ref 
  2. Quick Graph 
  3. iFormula 
  4. Appollonius 

March 19, 2015:  BurnBook


                   sign on: swhs password: raiders

                                 username:  CPARKHS  password:  chulavista

March 12, 2015:  Growth Mindsets













March 5, 2015:  Fair Use and Databases

Websites:  Fair Use Week

                   Fair Use Cartoon from Harvard

                   Infographic on Fair Use

                   Top Reasons to use Databases

                   California State Library List of Databases

                   Teach Close Reading and Visual Thinking Skills

February 26, 2015:  Pocket

Website:  Pocket

February 19, 2015:  QuickKey

Website:  Quick Key

February 12, 2015:  Video



                      Mozilla Popcorn Maker

                     Edutopia Video Boot Camp

February 5, 2015:  Various

Websites:  American Museum of Natural History-Charles Darwin Manuscripts

                      Darwin: A Naturalist’s Voyage Around the World

                      Digital Declaration of Independence

                     Stanford University Spatial History Project

                    Forgotten Books

                    Common Lit

January 29, 2015:  Exit Ticket

Website:  Exit Ticket

January 22, 2015: Crumbles and Google Cultural Institute

Websites:     Crumbles

                         Google Cultural Institute

January 15, 2015:  Noodle Tools


Each user must create a “personal folder” (i.e., select a personal ID and

password) by clicking the “Create a Personal ID” button on the login screen.

The user will be prompted to log in to the school account when he/she clicks “Create a Personal ID” on the login screen:

Username: castleparkhs

Password: research

Basic account management, user management, and real-time usage statistics are available in your subscription management area. Log in now to get a sense for what is available:

Username: admin3776

Password: peba6wowa

December 18, 2014: PresoTv


December 11, 2014: Hour of Code






December 4, 2014:  Listen Current


November 20, 2014:  Google Drive add-ons

Websites:  gMath



November 13, 2014:  Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Museum and Newseum

Websites:     Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum


November 6, 2014: iPad resources

Websites:  How to display iPad on screen

                      23 apps that teachers should have

                     Teaching students to deep read on iPads

                     How to record  your iPad screen

                     How handwriting makes you smarter

October 30, 2014:  Halloween, Edgar Allan Poe and Free Apps

Websites:  Bones of a Good Essay

                      Complete Works of Edgar Allan Poe

                     The Pit and the Pendulum

                     New Harry Potter

                     Apps Gone Free

October 23, 2014:  Red Ribbon Week and Halloween








October 16, 2014: Cancer







October 9, 2014:  Read Works and Jeopardy games

Websites:  Readworks


                   Jeopardy Rocks

                   Flip Quiz

September 18, 2014:  Various sites for iPads and Freshmen

Websites:  Seven Digital Deadly Sins


                    A Thin Line

                    Own Your Space

                    Think B4U

                    Google Internet Literacy and Good Online Behavior

September 11, 2014: Plickers and Classdojo

Websites:  Plicker


September 4, 2014:  Remind

Website:  Rewind

August 28, 2014:  CPH Library’s Blog


August 21, 2014:  Open Ed


May 15, 2014:  Review sites for finals

Websites:  blubbr

                      Purpose Games








May 8, 2014:  You Tube






May 1, 2014:  Film Archives

Websites:  British Pathe

                      Newsreel Archive

                      Newsreel Archives on You Tube

                      Newsreels from Prelinger Archives

                     Library of Congress Film Archive

                     March of Time

                     MIRC News Film Collections

                     TV News Search and Borrow

April 24, 2014:  Noise

Websites:  Too Noisy (app on iTunes)

                    Bouncy Balls

                    Calmness Counter

April 17, 2014:  ELD support websites

Websites:  ESL Point

                    Aardvark’s English Forum

April 10, 2014:  Class Charts

Website:  Class Charts

March 20, 2014:  Various PDF annotation tools Websites:  Active Textbook



                   Google Drive

March 13, 2014:  Get the Math


March 6, 2014:  Google Books and Google News Newspaper Archive



February 27, 2014:  Cardwiki


February 20, 2014:  U-Tube videos of Winter Olympics



February 13, 2014:  Outstanding Book for the College Bound Student


February 6, 2014:  Online Stopwatch


January 30, 2014:  Various online databases Websites: Username: sweetwateruhsd Password: research

Teen Health & Wellness :
Financial Literacy:
Digital Literacy:

Core Concepts Periodic Table: Core Concepts Biology Username: sweeterwater Password:  schools Username: castleparkhs Password: research Username: CPARKHS Password:  chulavista January 23, 2014:  Bridge8 Website: January 16, 2014:  Random Name Picker Website: December 19, 2013:  Mozilla Popcorn Maker Website: December 12, 2013:  Otter Website: December 5, 2013:  Hour of Code Websites: November 21, 2013: Gettysburg Address Website: November 14, 2013:  Projeqt Website: November 7, 2013:  Science 360, The NYT Science Page and Films for Action Websites: October 31, 2013:  Google and Whiteboard Websites: October 24, 2013:  Newslela Website:  newsela October 17, 2013:  PortFM Website: October 10, 2013:  OpenEd Link:  OpenEd September 19, 2013: Lint Filter Link:  Clean Lint Screen with Titles September 12, 2013:  Readibility Website: September 5, 2013:  TED Website: August 29, 2013: Library Blog Website: August 22, 2013:  Noodle Tools Website: Username:  castleparkhs Password:  research May 16, 2013:  Economics Websites:  Economics of Seinfeld The Living Wage Calculator Council for Economics Education May 9, 2013: Writing 121 Website: May 3, 2013: Gale E-Books Website: Password: chul_log April 25, 2013:  CCSS Update and Digital Public Library of America Websites: Subscribe to the CCSS Update from the CDE listserv by sending a “blank” message to April 18, 2013:  WowMath, YayMath, Knowmania, and University of Pittsburgh Digital Research Library Websites:   April 4, 2013 and April 11, 2013:  Google Drive Website: March 14, 2013:  Teaching Tolerance Website: March 7, 2013: ARKive Website: February 28, 2013:  New York Times Learning Network Website: February 21, 2013: Brainy Box Website: January 31, 2013:  Sharing Links Websites: January 24, 2013:  CCSS tools Website: January 17, 2013: shmoop Website: Magic Code:  SWEETWATERTEACHERS December 20, 2012: meograph Website: December 13, 2012:  Remember the Milk Website: December 6, 2012: ePals Website: November 29, 2012: Marqueed Website: November 15, 2012: MIT + K12 Website: November 8, 2012:  Library of Congress Website: November 1, 2012:  You Tube Website: October 25, 2012:  Mindmapping Websites: October 18, 2012:  Poll Everywhere Website: October 11, 2012:  Pathbrite Website: September 20, 2012: Flashcards Websites: Apps: StudyDroid gFlash Kaka Flashcards Apps for Apple on iTunes store Flashcards Deluxe $3.99 gFlash + Flashcards and Tests—Free iFlipr Flashcards Cram-Flashcards and multiple choice September 13, 2012: Infographics

September 6, 2012:  Kahn Academy

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