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Primary sources

A primary source are those records generated by a particular event or time period, by those who participated in or witnessed it.  Examples include interviews, diaries, letters, speeches, results of experiments or original research, literary works, autobiographies, original theories or other materials.

Using Primary Sources on the Web (Guide to using primary sources from the experts)

Why should you study history through primary sources?

School Resource: (look up the History Study Center)

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Resources for Primary Sources

Eyewitness to History:

National Archives and Records Administration’s Digital Classroom:

National Archives Digital Vault:

Library and Archival Indexes on the Web:

Artifact and Analysis (Smithsonian Museums):

Learning Page (Library of Congress):

American Memory Collection:

Our Documents:  100 Milestone Documents

Primary source materials and document based questions

Landmark Supreme Court Cases

World History Archives

World War I Document Archive

World War II Document Archive

AP United States History Archive

American History and Government Hotlist

Chronology of United States historical documents 

History and politics out loud

History Net (history magazine website) 

New Deal Network

Japanese American Relocation Digital Archive

The Gulf War: An Oral History

Avalon Project:  World War II Documents

Veterans History Project

World War I Document Archive

War Stories

Have Fun with History

United States Latino World War II Oral History Project

Borderlands Encyclopedia

UCLA Chicano Research Center

Latino Cultural Heritage Digital Archives

Hispanic Reading Room (Library of Congress)

Smithsonian Latino Center

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